Guidelines for the Installation of Pools

The following is a summary of the basic things to know in planning a pool. These guidelines are not to be construed to be the sum total of requirements for pools. In as much as each property has its own distinct character, other factors may, and do, come into consideration when the Architectural Committee evaluates the individual set of plans. The Architectural Committee, under the jurisdiction of the BOARD, reserves the right of final decision as granted to it under the terms of the Declaration of Covenants Section IX, to accept or reject any such plans as it duly sees fit.

  1. Plans are to be submitted at least 30 days prior to the desired installation date. It may take up to 60 days for an approval.
  2. Plans are to include a topographical view of the location in relationship to the rest of the property detailing distances from the building and from the party lines. They must also include a side view of any and all elevations as a result of the natural grade of the land surrounding the pool. They must include landscaping and lighting details. They must include materials used in its construction.
  3. Plans must be submitted as required to the township and proper permits acquired. Proof of the same must be submitted to the Committee before construction can begin.
  4. Pools must be fenced in accordance with both the township and community regulations as provided for by the Declaration of Covenants. No chain link or snow fences will be accepted. Post and rail with exterior vinyl coated wire that is non-climbable is an example of an acceptable fencing. Fencing must secure the pool area.
  5. Pool areas may be lighted in accordance with the regulations of the Declaration and must be of the ground variety. No elevated lighting will be accepted. Where deemed necessary lighting must be shielded from causing a nuisance to adjoining neighbors.
  6. Pumps and heating equipment must be covered and/or landscaped in such a manner as to prevent visibility from adjacent properties.
  7. Landscaping must be designed to obscure line of sight from adjacent properties. Where contours of the property necessitate back filling or changing the natural lay of the land, proper attention must be given to drainage in order to assure that there is no run off onto adjacent properties. This must be detailed in the aforementioned “side view” of the plans.
  8. Regular maintenance and upkeep of all details outlined in this summary are required. Failure to maintain the pool in accordance with these details will results in a violation notice. Failure to correct any violation reported regarding the pool could result in the issuance of fines against the Homeowners account, or the demand of removal of the pool with the property to be returned to its previous appearance.

These guidelines are to be used a reference in planning. Final approval can only be made after the Committee reviews the plan. The Committee reserves the right to change or modify any of the above points of consideration at any time and without notice in order to facilitate its role in reviewing and approving submitted plans.

The above has been revised as of May 17, 2021