Annual Spring Meeting - March 18, 2001 Meeting Minutes

Board Member Tom Shaffer opened the meeting and introduced the members of the HVHA Board of Directors.
Board Member Tony Grisillo went over the 2000 financial results and 2001 budget. The highlights were the following:
  1. Grass cutting was less then expected in 2000
  2. Insurance remained stable
Tom Shaffer went over the goals and objectives of the association (see handout) and introduced the new website (see handout). Tom announced a correction to the website address, as it should appear as follows: WWW.HVHA-ONLINE.ORG

      A request for a volunteer from within the HVHA to maintain the integrity of the website was made and Dennis Shaulis offered. Dennis will be the HVHA Website Administrator, and will be contacting the website designer, Paul Grisillo, regarding passwords, etc. The Website Administrator will report to the Board of Directors. As of the creation of these meeting minutes, the website offers the following:
  1. Copy of the Bylaws
  2. Copy of the Project Approval Form
Additional ideas are:
  1. E-mail to the Board
  2. Free advertisement for Members (babysitting, lawn mowing, etc.)
  3. Yard Sale notices
Tom Shaffer introduced the Architectural Review Committee and Committeeman Tim McIntyre spoke regarding the new Project Approval Form. The highlights are as follows:
  1. Standard form for all submissions to the Architectural Review Committee.
  2. The form is located on the HVHA website.
  3. A follow-up inspection will take place to ensure compliance.
Tim McIntyre discussed the guidelines regarding propane tanks and was interrupted by HVHA Association Members. After a lengthy discussion on the merits of the guideline, Tim agreed to take the concerns of the Members and review the guideline with other committeepersons.       Tom Shaffer introduced the creation of a Special Project Committee(s) and was interrupted by HVHA Association Members. The Special Projects Committee (SPC) concept is designed to elicit the interests of all neighbors as to what they would like to see in the community. The initial steps are as follows:
  1. Gather all persons who are interested for a kick-off meeting. The group will dictate the frequency of meetings and agenda.
  2. SPC will develop a methodology (meetings, surveys, phone calls, e-mail, etc.) to canvas the neighborhood for ideas to enhance the community.
  3. All ideas will be shared within the SPC and either approved, rejected, or further developed by the SPC. No idea will be discounted for monetary reasons.
  4. The SPC will meet with the Board of Directors at an open meeting to discuss its findings and recommendations.
  5. After discussing the items having the highest priority, the SPC will develop an action plan to implement the ideas.
  6. The SPC will update the community at the HVHA Annual meeting
A new Board of Director was voted on. Tony Grisillo explained the job duties of the position and was interrupted by HVHA Members. Angie Leonard and Lisa Yaletchko were running for the position. Seventeen (17) votes were cast (26.1% of the homeowners) with Lisa receiving 10 votes and Angie receiving 7 votes. Lisa’s Board of Director term will run from the Spring of 2001 to the Spring of 2004. Tom and Tony thanked them for their participation.

Comments and Questions from the Members:

Q: How will Members know what’s going on with the HVHA if they do not have access to the new website?
A: The HVHA will continue to mail letters to the community for dues and important issues that need to be communicated in a timely manner. The website will not replace these activities, but will enhance the communication between neighbors and the association.

Q: Is the Board considering an outside management company to takeover the duties of the HVHA?
A: The Board is comprised of volunteers who have been criticized and slandered for carrying out the obligations of the bylaws. As interested parties in the neighborhood, the Board has no desire to create enemies, only to enforce performance of the bylaws. The Board is considering the prospect of bringing in an outside management company to shoulder the enforcement of the bylaws. As stated in the bylaws, the management company reports to the Board of Directors, therefore HVHA would always remain in control. The Board is concerned that a management company would blindly enforce the bylaws whereas today, the Board reviews each case/situation based on its merit. Additionally, the annual dues would need to be raised for each lot owner to approximately $300-$400 per year. As elected Members of the community, the Board has the right to enter into a contract with a management company. Prior to taking an important step, the Board would elicit the comments and concerns of all Members.

Q: The meeting should be at a neutral location and attended to by more people, what can be done?
A: There are additional costs associated with holding the meeting at an off-site location and the Board has tried not to incur those costs. The Board will consider an off-site location of the next annual HVHA meeting in 2002. While the Board would like to see all Members attend the meeting, it realizes it’s not practical to assume 100% attendance. The 25% attendance can be increased but is about what would be expected. If anyone has ideas to increase attendance then the Board would be interested in hearing them.

Q: The meetings are chaotic, what can be done?
A: The Board will look into the how proper parliamentary procedure is administered and develop a meeting plan for next years meeting. The Board has been disappointed in the manner some residents have conducted themselves at meetings and will review what steps can be taken to minimize disrespectful behavior. The position of the Board is that all Members have a right and obligation to speak their mind and should not be subject to childish behavior by a few people.