Annual Spring Meeting - May 20, 2002 Meeting Minutes

  • The meeting was opened and called to order by Randy Cripps
  • Introduction of Board Members
  • Randy welcomed the Homeowners in attendance and explained the Parliamentary Procedure that would be followed for the meeting.
  • Tim McIntyre reviewed the Minutes from the Spring 2001 meeting.
  • Tony Grisillo gave the Finical Report.

      Reviewed results from 2001
      Highlighted the budget for 2002
      Discussed the necessary expenses, which the association is responsible for.
  • Tony Ruggear gave the Architectural Review Committee Update

      Currently there are no new projects under consideration
      The A.R.C. reminded all Homeowners to use the Project Approval Forms for any and all projects. (All forms available on HVHA web page)
  • Board of Director Election

      Lisa Yaletchko introduced Dennis Shaulis. Dennis will replace Tom Shaeffer as a member of the Board of Directors.
  • Review of Old Business - Tony Grisillo

    1. Tony reviewed and discussed the need for No Hunting Signs to be placed along the perimeter of the back property line. The board discussed and apologized for the fact that this process still has not been completed. After an open discussion and a number of suggestions from the homeowners in attendance a committee was created to oversee the project. The new committee will gather all necessary information and share a suggested plan of action with the Board in approximately 30 days.

      Committee Members; Bill Brod, Pat Hallinan, and Ed Rees

    2. Tony discussed the problems and difficulties encountered in the collection of the annual dues and updated us on the process and expense involved when seeking legal action.
  • New Business - Randy Cripps
    1. Randy addressed the need to hire an outside management company to take over the responsibility of collecting the annual dues and enforcing the By-Laws of the Association. It was noted that a preliminary discussion had already taken place with one management service and the hope was to do so without raising the annual dues. The board discussed the current process and again shared the problems and some uncomfortable situations the members are forced to deal with. after an open discussion the decision was made for the Board to interview additional management companies and decide in 30 days.

      The Board emphasized that hiring a management company would not change how our Association operates .It was also noted that any suggestions, policy changes or necessary by-law enforcement the Management Company may have, must first be approved by the Board of Directors

  • Comments / Questions / Open Discussion - Randy Cripps

    Each homeowner in attendance was given an opportunity to address the board with any questions or concerns they might have.

    1. Website Update: Dennis S. will update the administration page for the Board of Directors and the Architectural Review Committee. The meeting minutes will also be included.
    2. Entrance Signs: The entrance signs located at thr Ruddy Duck intersection need repair. There has been damage from rock throwing and its time for a new coat of paint.
    3. Parent Responsibilities: With the damage to signs coming from neighborhood kids throwing rocks, some type of notice should be added to the newsletter. Parents are encouraged to discuss with their children the difference between harmless horseplay and the destruction of property.
    4. On-Line Complaints to the Board: A requests was made for a secure on-line process to be developed that would allow residents to file complaints via the Internet.
    5. Landscaping: The entrance areas need mulched and replanted for 2002.
    6. Phone Numbers: It was requested to have the Board Members and ARC Members phone numbers posted on the web page.
    7. Grass Height: One neighbor continues to have a problem maintaining their lawn at an acceptable height.
    8. Dirt Track: A resident on West Ruddy Duck has built a Dirt Bike Track in their backyard. Many of the other homeowners on both East and West Ruddy Duck are upset and would like it removed.
    9. Unlicensed Vehicles: There are two neighbors who continuously disrupt the community with their use of dirt bikes, go-carts and other ATV's on their property. Every homeowner in attendance would like to see this corrected.
  • Meeting Adjourned