Minutes from HVHA Community meeting on July 14, 2003

This was the first meeting run by the BC Consulting management company. Tom Cahill presided over the meeting.

The first issue discussed at the meeting was communication of community events and dates. One mailing was suggested. Include in the annual assessment the yard sale dates and annual meeting information. A reminder post card should follow closer to the events. More dates should be posted on the website. Suggestion made to form a resisted email group for sending out updated information.

Traffic speed through the community was discussed. Speed bumps were suggested but discouraged when it was noted that the township would not plow the road if speed bumps were put in. A suggestion was made to add 4-way stop signs at the Ruddy Duck intersections. Tom Cahill will follow up with the township on this suggestion.

Flowerbeds and signs were discussed. Residents requested more color and more weeding. The board noted that maintenance was not timely due to delays in obtaining bids on the work. Suggestion made to "jazz up" the signs, possibly with something more permanent like stone. Moving the signs to the ends of the development was also discussed. Management Company will obtain cost estimates and styles and submit to the community for vote.

Several residents indicated that complaints to the management company may not have been handled in a timely manner. After reviewing the process it was determined that the person registering the complaint was not kept in the loop as to any progress being made. Residents suggested to the management company that they receive feedback from the board or the management company in a timely manner.

Residents suggested putting a swing set or pavilion on the common ground. Liability and insurance cost increases were then discussed and residents choose to not pursue this. A walking trail was then suggested along with a general cleanup of the area. Due to the energy at the meeting around this issue a sub committee was formed to solicit ideas for open area improvements. The members of the committee are:

  1. Ed Rees
  2. Tom Dickerson
  3. Dave and Kim Ruckle
  4. Tom Bahls
  5. Jim Heckman
Tony Grisillo reviewed the printout of the past years budget at the meeting. Residents suggested that this be mailed to everyone along with the yearly assessment so that each homeowner can see where the money is being used.

A Board election was held for the position held by Tony Grisillo. Tom Cahill reviewed the duties of Board members. Board appointments are held for a period of three years. The residents nominated were:

  1. Brian Little
  2. Dave Ruckle
  3. Ed Rees
  4. Chris Benke
New Board member elected was Brian Little. His term will be end in 2006.

Tom Cahill discussed the lots owned by Magnus. He indicated that the building plans have been reviewed and approved by architecture committee. Building had not yet begun.

With Brian Little being elected to the Board, a resident suggested another person be elected to the architecture committee, of which Brian was formally a member. Tom Bahls volunteered to join the architecture committee. An election was not held. Tom's number is 610-932-6912 and his email address is atbahls@zoominternet.net

Meeting was adjourned.

Meeting notes taken and compiled by Lisa Yaletchko and Dennis Shaulis.